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Thomas Hardy’s Well-Beloved: The Women in his Life and Fiction

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After two years of delays and six different publication dates (and turning down two other publishers in the process), in September, 2019 I took the decision to cancel my contract with Sundial Press.  It has been a most unsatisfactory and disappointing journey, especially as Sundial reprinted my two novels on Hardy’s wives in paperback during that time. I now have a new publisher for the book which will come out mid-year. I was delighted that another publisher I approached (although not the one I eventually chose) commented on the ‘eloquent and engaging narrative’ and felt the work had the potential to excel within the genre’.

Hardy’s Well-Beloved looks at Hardy’s relationship with a number of women who featured prominently in his life: Jemimah Hardy (the Matriarch),  Emma and Florence (the two unfortunate wives), Tryphena Sparks, Florence Henniker, Agnes Gove and Gertrude Bugler, four of his lady friends, and finally a number of the most significant and interesting heroines from his fourteen novels.



Thomas Hardy




UPDATE:  The revised editions of both novels, ‘Florence: Mistress of Max Gate‘ and ‘Emma; A Woman Betrayed‘ are available in paperback on the Sundial website in conjunction.  The covers of both paperback editions are below:

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