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Bookcover of Emma West of Wessex Girl

Emma West of Wessex Girl

Jacketed Hardback • 978-1-908274-25-0 • Price: £16.50  Published late 2013  NB A revised edition will be published in paperback this summer.

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Lyonnese and Boscastle - where lovers met

Beney Head

Vicarage of St Juliot

Vicarage at St Juliot





Thomas Hardy


Revised editions of both novels, ‘Florence: Mistress of Max Gate‘ and ‘Emma; A Woman Betrayed‘ are to be released in paperback in the next few months before the publication of ‘Thomas Hardy’s Women’ later in the year. I am delighted that all three books are to be published by Sundial Press whose quality and presentation are always of a very high standard.

Thomas Hardy’s Women looks at Hardy’s relationship with a number of women who featured prominently in his life: Jemimah Hardy (the Matriarch),  Emma and Florence (the two unfortunate wives), Tryphena Sparks, Florence Henniker, Agnes Gove and Gertrude Bugler, four of his lady friends, and finally Tess, Sue Brideshead (with a bit of Arabella for colour), Susan Henchard and Bathsheba Everdene.

Reading Claire Tomlin’s biography of Hardy, it was interesting to note the cover blurb describing Hardy as ‘an unhappy husband and a desolate widower’ and in the next paragraph as ‘neglectful husband and mourning lover.’  Reality followed by fiction in each instance?

I have made good progress with the novel ‘Turangawaewae’ (In my Beginning) which has been submitted for publication in New Zealand.


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